Best Foreplay Tips to Try Tonight

07/26/2021 0 Comments

Triggering her arousal before sex is a must. However, men often neglect this step and jump right into the main course. It is not something that any lady wants from having sex with you. Instead, you need to boost her arousal before having sex. It’s how women’s sexual hormones work differently compared to men’s. Sometimes, it’s difficult for women to trigger it, so they need to take the libido boosters for females.

But if they don’t, you need to understand why. The main difference between them is that women need to be feeling desired and prefer romance to others when it comes to sexual arousal. Meanwhile, men may prefer visual triggers like porn. This is why you must get your lady in the mood before fantastic sex. Now, let’s take a look at how you can boost her arousal.

Don’t Rush Things

foreplayAs mentioned, women’s sexual arousal is mainly triggered by romance and feeling desired. That’s why you need to take your time and try to set the mood all day long before having such an intimate night with her. You can try to be seductive and flirty. You can even go with the basics, such as complimenting her on her new dress, washing the dishes, or having a wine with her. The key is to set the mood a long day before sex.

Set the Scene

bedSetting up the right atmosphere, ambiance, or nuance is helpful to help get your lady turned on. You can simply put some candles on the table, get some soft lighting, and even play romantic music. These simple elements can easily trigger her sexual desire. Aside from setting the scene, when in foreplay, you need to take such a splendid sight of her gorgeous body. Engaging in eye contact can be a big turn-on for many women.

Maximize the Foreplay

touchAfter you set the mood and the scene, it’s time for foreplay. This is such an essential part of sex. This is when your woman’s body opens all the chances to respond to any of your touch and friction. Maximizing the foreplay also means finding all of her favorite g-spots. Women have more g-spots than men. But not all of them can make such a massive deal for her.

Sure exploring all her g-spots can also do the work. But if you want some magic that can lift her sexual arousal, you need to find the most ultra-sensitive parts of her body and touch them for sexual pleasure. In my case, my partner loves being touched at the nape of the neck and in the middle of her lower back.

With these tips in mind, your partner will indeed get aroused in no time. One thing is for sure, take your time. Sex requires slow and soft intimacy. Your action before the sex determines the result of your sex. As a bonus tip, if your female partner has difficulty getting herself aroused, this might be due to her lack of libido. If it does happen to her, consider taking the good libido boosters for females.